Index. (End low back pain as #1 disability)

Index. (End low back pain as #1 disability)

SELF Evolve your Thoracolumbar Fascia toward 24/7 Optimum Spine Health longevity in homeostasis!!

2008-23 SELFdXb: New knowledge and understanding of Fascia Bioscience, to end low back pain(LBP) epidemic.
16th, 17th, 18,th, 19th and 20th Century Health and Science was researched, discovered and developed by Hi IQ and Hi Memory capacity Principle Investigators. The "Work" of these people advanced humanity as a group of super scientist. But, low back pain remained a burden.

Human male subject at SELFdXb, developed, tried, tested a new Holistic Intelligence approach to dealing, treating and healing his low back pain condition. Successful benefits & results came in April 2010 & won the battle VS low back pain.

The lesson learned; use the mind via the brain to think & solve problems about outer space.
We/SELFdXb use the body and mind via the brain to think and solved problems about inner space to advance health in the 21st Century. 
Capturing and measuring low back pain for assessment and  diagnosis w/TLFexam SELFdXb
Ultrasound Sonography
Paradigm shift in new best practices to acknowledge and confirm Patient claims of low back pain symptoms. Assessment and diagnosis of Thoracolumbar Fascia, Longissimus Thoracis, Multifidus, Transversospinalis pathology provides the digital images and video to diagnose; homeostasis, able body, partial disability, disabled.

dXb modality by SELFdXb
coming in 2024
 A NEW True Movement ALTERNATIVE Modality guarantees to End Low Back Pain as the #1 Disability around the World ~ SELFdXb

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...when the World knows Fascia, 

beyond Connective Tissue,

there will be less Pain,

more Inner Peace!

Mission: End specific & non specific low back pain and related opioid epidemic for the first 1Billion People with new Thoracolumbar Fascia(TLF) Bioscience, new TLFexam via Sonography and new TLF movement protocol named dXb modality by SELFdXb, toward whole person health.

Vision: Population by 2050:
shift mad, sad to glad human Body, Brain & Mindset, toward less pain, more Inner Peace, Joy, Happiness in 24/7 Health & Longevity!  Ending low back pain(LBP) as the #1 disability.