(End low back pain as #1 disability)

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2008-23 Thoracolumbar Fascia(TLF) Research by SELFdXb
Self Evolve Lumbar Fascia Differential Thoracolumbar Fascia Bio-electro-magnetic-mechano therapeutic(SELFdXb).

The Spine is of Intelligent design.

21st Century bioscience; The Fascial Communications Network Infrastructure including Thoracolumbar Fascia is also referenced as connective tissue in past & present medical institutions. Fascia develops to be at different density for different function and or uses. Therefore, when the World learns how fascia functions through out the body, Acute physical pain and inflammation will be treated correctly, swiftly, efficiently and effectively to prevent transition to Chronic long term pain.

Human male subject at SELFdXb has 13 years of managing his L4/L5 ruptured disc, maintained his L5/S1 bulging disc, realigned & stabilized his L4/L5 subluxation movement, rehabed Lumbar spine to end aches, pain, inflammation. Avoided spine fusion surgery, including failed spine fusion surgery and lives, works, plays sports, golf, cycle without pain or pain medication.

Journey to Optimum Spine Health
Homeostasis; yellow
Partial Disability; magenta
Disabled; red
Partial Disability; magenta
Homeostasis; yellow
Optimum; green
Hyaluronidases are a family of enzymes that catalyse the degradation of hyaluronic acid.

2008-21 SELFdXb TLF Research discovered how dXb modality activates Hyaluronidase to begin cleaving Hyaluronan/ Hyaluronic Acid/ HA in aggregate, toward Optimum Rigidity Flex Mobility Spine Health in Homeostasis 

SELFdXb translational science; explains theory on biomechanic mechanism required by all movement modalities(massage, rolfing, yoga, etc.)  to activate hyaluronidase and cleave Hyaluronan in aggregate stiffness, toward homeostasis. (see video below)
"when Alternative(movement) modalities work & why when they don't" by SELFdXb (dXb modality channel) on YouTube
Part 1 of a muliple part unveiling of the medical mystery of low back pain. The new Fascia bioscience to explain healing Hyaluronan in aggregate stiffness & pain physiology, biology (activating Hyaluronidase), cleaving Hyaluronan, expediting microcirculation, flushing out microenvironment toward lymphatic system. Ending aches, pain, edema, inflammation toward restoring consistent & confident spine health in homeosatsis.

The video was made to share information with out sharing content information intended for a separate video title.

Thoracolumbar Fascia Bioscience Research: Guarantee to End Low Back Pain as the number one Disability & reduce related Opioid Epidemic.

Translational Science: epic amount of translational science leading toward solving disease, whole person health & longevity.

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