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   TLFexam by SELFdXb
2019 Low Back Pain(LBP) Ultrasound Sonography breakthrough(s): a paradigm shift in new best practices.

1) Assess and Diagnose; low back pain issues & conditions; homeostasis; able body; partial disability; disabled w/corresponding pain levels.
2)Medical Imaging Recommendation; Diagnosis determines proper recommendation for additional medical imaging. Better outcomes, cost efficient.
3)Pain Prescription Recommendation: Diagnosis determines proper recommendation for pain prescription w/out under or over prescribing
1) ASSESS & DIAGNOSE; low back pain(LBP) complaints, issues and conditions related to specific & non specific LBP symptoms / pathology.

b) ABLE BODY/2-4
d) DISABLED/8-10
TLFexam is new Value Based Care diagnostics helping to expedite better health outcomes by SELFdXb TLF Research & BiOTeCh
TLFexam Recommendation:
Pain Prescription Recommendation scenario:
Diagnosis/pain level = Recommendation
Homeostasis/ 0-1 = Non Prescription Meds
Able Body/ 2-4 = Non Prescription Meds
Partial Disabled/ 4-7 = Low Dose Prescription Meds
Disabled/ 8-10 = High Dose Prescription Meds

Medical Imaging Diagnostic Recommendation are based on TLFexam diagnosis result.

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TLFexam by SELFdXb

Pre-approved and or Pre-paid mobile ultrasound sonographer will meet you at your residence, business, office OR OUTDOOR EVENT. Because low back pain can ocurr at an instance and can disable a person at any time or place.

Acknowledge and confirm Patient low back pain complaint via Ultrasound Sonography Radiological Diagnosis for proper pain medication prescription recommendation to physician.

Acknowledge and confirm Patient low back pain complaint via Ultrasound Sonography Radiological Diagnosis for proper approval or denial of low back pain radiology recommendation for additional medical imaging prescription to physician

**Paradigm Shift in new best practices to reduce the global low back pain & related opioid epidemic.

Add TLFexam Service to your skillset and provide new Ultrasound Sonography Low Back Pain(LBP) Diagnostics to patients and clients.   

Access to Ultrasound Sonography digital images and 10second video loops of Lumbar Spine: Thoracolumbar Fascia, Erector Spinae muscles during scenarios of Homeostasis, Able Body, Partial Disability, Disabled with corresponding pain level predictions. Free access for dXb Modality Certified Instructors.


Available for Purchase; Ultrasound Sonography Probe Kit for examining, accessing and diagnosing Thoracolumbar Fascia low back pain issues and conditions plus more, including 6months of TLFexam Online Library by SELFdXb.

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  • About 1 in 10 (10.4%) of people with chronic pain in 2019 recovered and were pain free in 2020.
  • 9 in 10 of people with chronic pain in 2019, remained in 2020 chronic pain.
Journey of Spine: Homeostasis, thru LBP, to Homeostasis, to Super Human Status !!!!!!
Ages 18-120 can train their spine with dXb modality by SELFdXb to achieve 24/7 consistent & confident optimum spine health super human status!